life as we know it 6 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #175)


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, the week of all weeks, this joint by Steve Simpson called “Port Botany-life as we know it” is a beautiful, word mastery poem. Please when you guys and gals have time, please visit this blog (inconstant light) and read more good works.

inconstant light


Port Botany

A traveler is dawdling on the way to Port Botany. He’s been guided by the polar spirits, crossed paths with the alchemist Alcione, and passed through a portal into an alternate, but equally dull, reality where he had a therapy session with the Medusa, who recommended he wear a tomato. Part one is here.

I missed the world I’d left behind,
and through a day and night,
I sought another path between realities.
I opened doors and gates,
climbed over fences, in and out
of windows, all to no avail.

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