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Chasing Stars (Friday Night Poetry Corner #173)


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Poetry Corner on Friday night. This week, this poet from the wonderful blog called “A Writer’s Soul” wrote this haunting, romantic piece called “Chasing Stars.” Read this and you will know what your heart has chased or is chasing 🙂

A Writer's Soul

Let’s chase the stars together, catching the wind and her stories,
Each whispered so gently; I missed the most important parts when you wandered off, running to catch you, but you were already far too gone…
Mine to have, mine to hold, but you were like the tide,
Falling in and out with the moon, coming and going with the night sky,
You were mine once, but this love was gentle, so gentle, too gentle,
That one strong gust of wind came, and you were gone.
She carried you off, let you dance onto the next cloud,
And I was left alone in that meadow,
Wishing on a star that had already granted another’s wish….

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