Growing Up (Friday Night Poetry Corner #159)


Good evening everyone. I’m sorry for being away for a bit. I am in the process of moving and I have a lot of things to take care of. You know, preparations for the move, boxes, throwing away old things, etc..

Bothersome activities but quite necessary.

We are at another end of the calendar year in Western society (I generally celebrate the first day of spring as the new year—new life, first fruits—the Hebrew way :-). The new year is nigh and it will be a splendid one. I foresee more writers, more books being published and the continuing growth of Some Unique Magazine. I am happy that you guys have stuck with me this past year and the previous four. It has been a fun ride and the poetry corner has been a thrill. I really mean that I love reading so many fantastic poets out there and I am glad you guys were here to support them as well. First, let’s do some future expectations from me:

1. New books this year. “Certain Moments of Time” “She is to be remembered” and maybe part two to Shadow Within A City???
2. More “On Location” articles written by myself for Some Unique Magazine. You need to really check us out at, we are blowing this net thing up!!
3. BJCS Network (Book, Jazz, Coffee & Smoke) collection of podcasts. I have my own called KG’s Thoughts for the moment and my brother from another mother, F. Kenneth Taylor who I co-host BJCS show (who is also the owner of Some Unique Magazine).

I think that will do for now.

Alright, now the last Poetry Corner of the year of 2017. The featured poet “Creativevolume” has a joint called “Growing up.” I think this poem is the right one to close out the year and welcome 2018. The circle of life is apparent with the relationship of a child and parent. You see you love ones grow as you grow and in turn, you will switch places after years increase. Growing up did a marvellous job detailing such an event. Its a once a lifetime experience but I will advise you all, please cherish your parents while they are here. When they are gone you will have the memories and a homestead for their spirit in your heart.

But it is still wonderful to get a hug or hold a personal conversation with them. It is…

See y’all next year!!



The giant figures that stayed behind my side

Slowly crumbling

Those giant hands I held

Slowly getting smaller and smaller

Everyday everything seems so familiar

Just like yesterday, so similar

But when I look back now

When did the things change so much?

The fine lines on my mother’s cheek is now deeper

Her hands feels different now to the same touch

Dad’s hair getting lesser and whiter

The giant figures who took care of me since my birthday

I hope to take care of them someday.

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