Like a River (Friday Night Poetry Corner #158)

You can never enter the same river twice | Popular inspirational .. wisdom, life, river, consequences, Indian proverb. “



Welcome everyone to another Friday Night Poetry corner. If you are in need of some self-expression of inner strength, well Hasan Adan, a masterful poet is here to oblige you. Check out his work called “Like a River” and please visit his page when you are done. He is really a good writer.

My Journey

Life mirrors a river

and like a river,

it takes shapes and courses

in direction that we either don’t control or are forced to make.

A force like no other

an experience that moulds minds,

and quenches a soul’s thirst.

The divinity of life

is mirrored by the river,

and like a river

it is always moving,

unless Mother Nature says otherwise.

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