In turn, they persisted… (Friday Night Poetry Corner #156)


Good evening everyone!

Welcome back to the Friday Night Poetry Corner.  I did an unannounced break and until the end of the year, there will be at least two more poetry corners.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays along with holy days or whatever your deem festivities.  This week I will feature my own work, a new one.  It is called, “In turn, they persisted…”



In turn, they persisted…



in creation,

i love the remembrance of the past speakers of equality

the segment of thought, the personal touch

made the creator seemed more human

in love, i believe everything,

to young ones looking upon this earth

the watchers finally seeing what we see

the greed of evil being exposed

made others rejoice in the visible knowledge

it created the creator,

enforcing the understanding of self

hating the oppressor that valued racism,

the system of racism

showed all who can see,

will believe and raise up,


to deny that is to deny your humanity.


by K.G. Bethlehem

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