Friday Night Poetry Corner #150 (Dark Silence)

By Sourav “Teddy” Biswas






Good evening everyone! This K.G. Bethlehem once again presents another edition of the Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a special guest, Some’n Unique Magazine writer Sourav Biswas has a new poetry book out called A Poet’s Heart.” His book is out now right here—in paperback and e-book format. The name of this week’s poem is called, “Dark Silence.” If you like this young poet’s joints you will greatly love the rest of his work.

I love the night life. Well, you all have figured this out by now.  We might— the night is very unique. How? Let me tell you! During daytime, you see everything and anyone. You see the birds and Mr. Bob cutting the logs. At night, something different happens. The source of light is no more hangs in the sky. It is with you. And you have the power to illuminate your world. The night is the time when the crockery of this world comes to peace. The sky puts on magic shows with the stars to let everyone sleep. It can control the sense of slight; something we take for granted during the day. Isn’t it amazing that only after you lose something, here is it vision under the sun, you choose to respect it? This addictive face makes my heat to write.


The words sunk deep inside,

Deeper than the melody of the evening fight.

Their bond beseeches for forgiveness

Who lived the night not a day less

Under the infinite streaks of startlight

They loved their funeral of lies too might.

The greatest act of love they commit,

all displayed in front of the Innocent sight.

Dark silence never could make them weep.

For they were the roots of a secret to keep.

The night was dark enough for the stars,

But never enough to blind their wits too far.

They burned the nightmares at noon and night,

Guardian of dreams lost in the realm of soul-less flight.

You would argue how to be something or someone all throughout your life? I have a simple answer. You live with the exact same Sun, the sky, and the starts but you never complain. You never want them to change to charge or stop showing up one day. Apart from gifting you your life, they know how to love you back. Iknow it sounds weird; how sky would, can love back! If it doesn’t, you would not have found the heaven up there.

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