POEM: World Line (Friday Night Poetry Corner #144)

How many atoms are there in the known universe? –
Finally, according to The status of the Universe: 2015, by astrophysicist, NASA columnist, cosmology science writer, and science communicator Mr. Ethan …



Good evening everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week features a poem by Bernie Gourley called “World Line.” It is a short, but thoughtful poem that will appeal more to you love of knowledge and creative facts. When you get a chance, visit Bernie Gourley’s blog to read more of his good work!

the !n(tro)verted yogi

I ride a dragonesque world line.

Worming through a block of time.

I’m dancing atoms in a roiling pot.

So energetic entropy forgot

to increase, and cobbled together

a self-aware “it” of clever blether.

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