Voidness (If I could) Friday Night Poetry Corner #143

enter the void death and the minutes



Good late evening everyone!  This is Friday Night Poetry Corner and this evening a promise I will finish up the poem I teased last week.  Much respects to Ms. Vee (who is also a phenomenal writer) for her guess of the next line from my opening.  So—


Let’s finish this up…



Voidness (If I could)


If I could

see the edge

of humanity

as it stood apart

from me


much love for those

who strive for good

the innocent

is left alone,

to fight the war


evil, apart from known



my friends, I

asked you to remember

me as a person

who did a job

even though it

cost me

everything, everything to a 211 call,

from a 187 verdict.

I ask for mercy


my God, If i could

see my loved ones.

the river of Styx

drown my hopes,

faith from every returning



who am i today?

who am i tomorrow?

who am i forever?


a statistic.


-K.G. Bethlehem

(If you haven’t figured it out, this poem is part of a trilogy of poetry.  It is kinda hard to just be a standalone poem, so if you want to check out the first poem of the trilogy right HERE!  Follow the progression in which “voidness” is the two-part joint followed by the conclusion).

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