6 thoughts on “Empathy is the new thought crime…

  1. I don’t know how we will make it through his term. It gets worse every day. What does he have to do? There are too many people that are supporting him, which only feeds his ego even ore.

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      1. He should be gone now if the Republicans had any balls, but they put party ahead of the country. I don’t know how this Presidency can withstand all of the turmoil. I don’t feel any better with the prospect of Pence. I hope people vote these idiots out in 2018, but with the way they have the districts set up now, it might be hard. When his policies start effecting people, maybe then they will change their minds.

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      2. I hope so. He won’t be able to get any from his agenda out due to all this corruption and the republicans won’t chance supporting him as election season is nearing for 2018. I don’t think he will make it to 2018.

        the republicans sold their souls but the democrats don’t have a solid agenda. democrats needs to adopt the worker party mantra again and support a single payer health care system. They would easily win house and senate races in 2018. Hell the state elections might turn in their favor despite the gerrymandering

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      3. That’s a big problem the gerrymandering. I hope he doesn’t make it to 2018, but Pence is just as nuts, well maybe not quite so, but his ideas are way out there.
        Republicans have steadily become more radical, but the electorate are voting in who they want. They are brainwashed by the propaganda and their racism, fear and bigotry. That’s what it really comes down t,, but they won’t admit that. If it’s not that, then it’s they are worried about their money and feel like they are taxed too much.
        You are right about the Democrats, they need to make some drastic changes to their policies and hopefully get the support of the voters. Single payer and the workers issues are major issues. There are so many issues at stake, and so much to lose. We can’t afford to go on the way we are going.

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