Friday Night Poetry Corner #136 Intrinsic


Good late evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week, the corner is featuring—




Yes, it has been awhile since I posted one of my joints and guess what–I ain’t giving anything away about it.  Read it for yourself, I want to see what is your interpretation of this poem.  It is called Intrinsic..


Thanks for the visit, and come back soon.  I promise I will have coffee and cigars (well at least from where I’m sitting 🙂






mad questions,

answers towards agitation

to most I believe

mortality is a fallacy

a matrix of fools,

marching a dead-end road

eager for patience to explode

breaking the one’s identity

i see a brotha’

hearing a sista gurl

just like a normal affinity…


don’t stare

like you do care

with no fucking airs

towards the book licking ass

negro, jive shuffling

stringing a wack essence’

my presence,

as it consumes your mind

our oneness so to say

oh luv, could you just stay

with me

cuz I’m so weak



by K.G. Bethlehem

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