Recap of the Open Mic 🎤 Poetry sponsored by S.U.M

Hey everyone!  Here are some pictures from the season finale of Books, Jazz, Coffee, and Smoke!  It was a blast but just as if not more important the bonding of theses creative poets with the audience they served.  The entertainment value is unmeasurable and for once equal to ones interpretation of well done event. 
Here is the official comment from the CEO of Some Unique Magazine (SUM) F. Kenneth Taylor who is also the co-host of BJCS:
Once again, I would truly like to thank Michelle Barron, Dave Simmons, and the entire staff at The Book House, for their overwhelming support.

I would also like to thank my co-host, Kevin G. Daniel aka K.G Bethlehem, and our featured poets; Susan Spit-Fire Lively, Curtis R. Smith, Poetess Cynthia Sherrell, María Balogh, and Mary G. Fortier-Schütz II, for making this an EXCELLENT & HIGHLY successful event. 

Finally, I thank the friends & family of our poets for being attendance, as well as the community residents and The Book House regulars.

I truly, truly enjoyed myself today & couldn’t be more pleased with today’s event! You guys are the best!

K.G & myself will now take a much needed hiatus, and return to you in August for a brand new season of… 

BOOKS, JAZZ, COFFEE & SMOKE aka BJCS — feeling thankful with Susan Spit-Fire Lively and 8 others at The Book House.
Here is the reply of the show for your listening pleasure 😊👍🏿✊🏿

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