A Look at Sunick Gurl “The Veil” formerly of the Guild of the Silent Keepers (Avenging Knights RTH)

Sunick Gurl “The Veil” drawing by Kevin Ray of St. Louis, MO





Elina Klina Nacrica–Proposal of Treachery written decree thereof–


Name: Sunick Gurl “The Veil” (real name concealed)
Age: 20-25 years of age?
Birthplace: Unknown township in the 4th Kingdom of Lebos?
Birth parents: Unknown (*mark for secrecy by the authority of 4th Kingdom General Furndar).
Height: 5’6?
Weight: 111lbs
Hair style: Naturally braided medium to long lengh hair
Hair color: Dark Brown.
Eye color: Light Brown
Affiliation:  Guild of the Silent Keepers, the rebels?? (Avenging Knights)




“Yes Sunick?”

“She misses you too.”

Sharpstar paused for a brief moment. The next answer he gives better be a cloak of his true feelings. Sunick Gurl wasn’t a fool and she would recognize falsehoods even in the guise of prudent banter. Sweat attempted to form but he centered so strongly internally he was able to stop it. His eyes slanted downwards as he moved his foot giving the impression of kicking a small field timber mouse as a quick distraction. She smell populas flowers, the thick scent of tangy fruit controlled the air of their surrounds. He faced his companion and answered with confidence, “I believe she misses all of us,” replied Sharpstar to his comrade of arms. He was now curious and filled with questions as he motions towards his companion. “Now I have a query? It may not be easy to answer but I must ask, what is your true purpose?”

“Oh, well I told you in the…..”

“Yes, helping the masses, fighting the oppressors, but there is more to you, Sunick Gurl The Veil, much more. You were part of an ancient guild of assassins, bound to a code of silence, but your origin isn’t much part of your personable representation.”t in my nature.”

“Sharpstar, don’t get me wrong, I want to rescue Mela too.”

“Your words lack judgment…….”

“Yes, that’s fair. I have been asking you many questions.”

“Yes you have but I don’t mind,” replied Sharpstar as he took another puff.

“Its just you are so full of mystery.”

“……and you are not?”

“Quite right, yes well what do you need to know?” spoke Sunick Gurl softly.

Without any pause, Sharpstar inquired “Do you regret anything you did?”

“I don’t follow.”

“…the killings?”

“No, I don’t. I can’t. Not ever.”


“It would destroy me totally,” cried Sunick Gurl, who was starting to feel uneasy on the subject. “Kemual, I—killed many times, not always for honorable reasons. I was trained at an age of youth to survive and to kill. I did things that weren’t good.”

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