Pointo “The Psigenicist”–Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor”

Pointo, The Pciengicist


My good friend, Kevin Ray of St. Louis, MO is the artist who drew these incredible pictures.with a charcoal pencil. Some of them I added a little “something” to them. The character profile for today is Pointo, The Pciengicist. I will show the original drawing and the altered one, along with a short passage from Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor”  2nd Edition.  Enjoy, and enjoy your weekend!





“Got it, damn about time,” proclaimed an elated Pointo!

“Got what my friend?” asked Sharpstar.

Pointo whirled around, stunned, but replied, “Oh you’re back, why didn’t you inform me? Well, never mind. Remember the new computer system that I told you about months ago?”

Sharpstar covered his left side of the head with his right hand, and rubbing it downwards across his cheek thought “……another psigenic entry.” He then dropped his hand slowly and answered Pointo in a casual manner.


“Somewhat. Man, sometimes your memory is….”

“What is it Pointo?!”

“Oh, I was talking about a new on-line computer system that will operate at a much better efficiency. This system will control the basic operating system of our headquarters but the computer itself will be composed of six individual robots.”

“Six robots as the computer; how so?” inquired a bemused Sharpstar.

“These robots are separate components but together make up the main computer. Each component will control the external/internal radar, intelligence, communications, weapons, and maintenance. They will also be able to amble and converse like you and me and leave the base and still control the home system if necessary.”

“Wait,” uttered a more bemused Sharpstar. “If they leave the home base how will they be able to control the main computer system without being there?”

“They are separate apparatuses but through the technical link device they can transmit signals back to the home base so the operating system is not interrupted. Check it out, the home base will still have an on line computer but it will be an essential server that takes orders from the robots even if they are not at the base physically. With the brilliance of psigenic, the robots can also be control by the use of mental communication. Our thoughts, like the way Razorblade controls the blades that extend from his suit we can transmit commands from our thought to the robots themselves. Their power base is powered by laser energy with the guidance of Telekinesis. As you know mental thought with science in unison is the real energy that powers corroponders, norro lights, flash consponders, etc… The best part is that if the home base is attacked and the server is destroyed, none of the information will be lost or handed over to the enemy.”

“Unless they capture the robots themselves.”

“They would die trying,” countered Pointo. “These robots has a defense program built in so they are able to defend the working severs in the event of capture.”

“This sounds appealing in conjecture, but what if the robots attack us?”

“Do not worry, my friend, the robots are basically drones with no individual personality whatsoever. In essence they do not have the capacity to develop from their programs. Their only oneness is their separated function as a machine. Their programs are only to function as a main computer for the home base.”

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