Universal Mistakes (Friday Night Poetry Corner #128)

Universal Mistakes – Let the grey scenes unfold
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Greetings everyone!!

Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a welcoming of warm, consistent weather and with that—

A wonderful poem to accompany that sentiment. This evening is a poem by Jeethu Jayaraj called “Universal Mistakes.” Look, this is a badass joint so my words for you is…

Read it and read more of her poetry. Yes, I MEAN IT!!! 🙂

Let the grey scenes unfold

We enter this world,
The result of aches.
We celebrate milestones,
With candles and cakes.
We face trials and tribulations,
Our world shatters and breaks.
We answer our own questions,
We do whatever it takes,
To convince ourselves,
That we are perfect mistakes.

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