So this is nothing (Friday Night Poetry Corner #127)

THE INFINITE NOTHING | Venice Biennale 2015



Greetings everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner! This week, a marvelous, self-reflection poem by Bridget Brassil called, “So this is nothing.” A poem shows pain and encouragement as a rational progression of feelings and honestly. Well, my take on it :-). Oh, visits Bridget’s page and check out more of her work. “Without a plan” is another nice written poem.

The sad psycho

When you take yourself
Too seriously,
The funny turns to shame,
So that nothing in your days
Can turn your eyes away.

When life becomes a bore
And everything seems wrong,
The worrying takes over
And stretches far too long.

You’ll worry about mistakes
Of the past,
But also soon to come,
And if you dare prepare,
You’ll disappoint your mum.

When life just seems to drag,
And you can’t play outside,
Your body’ll seek comfort,
And there’ll be no one to confide.

Why do you lie in bed
All day long?
There’s people, places—even this song,
So stop feeling sorry for yourself,
And get on with tomorrow.

For when your life is bleak,
And I’m not here to sing,
You’ll only have the week
To find someone else to cling.

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