First hike in spring…

Clopper Lake

Yes, it was a nice local trip–if you consider 45 miles local traveling :-). We finally saw the sign that read—


Seneca Creek State Park
Seneca Creek National Park!



We drove to the gates and since we were both residents of Maryland, it only costed 3 dollars, respectfully for entry.  It was a half a mile drive until we parked in the overflow parking lot, which was grass.  It was a warm day, one of the warmest days of new spring–65 degrees.  Everyone seemed to be out.  Families, couples and even family dogs.  We had walkers, runners, and cookouts.  We had children playing on the playground that included a rope course.  Then of course a giant lake.  That was for our fishers and boaters.

At first, me and my special friend venture among the trail, just one trail and it was marked blue.  I guessing it was for the intensity of the walk but it was only one trail.  Our options were limited.  My lady friend was skeptical at first, almost doubting the difficulty of the walk.  Let me give a short background.  To my hikers, different trails are usually color-coded which indicates how demanding the walk would be.  This will give noob hikers and experience ones, the choice to go with an easier or harder trek.


Jane in deep mediation
I knew as he walked for the first 50 feet that this trail would circle the lake.  I glanced at the trees, they were starting to wake up from the winter sleep, regrettably they were still bare.  Well, most of them.  I thought it would be a boring walk, with only our conversation to keep each other entertain.

I was wrong.

I saw elders, walking, talking, laughing on the trail.  I saw families, setting out on their own adventure.  I marvel at two fishermen, standing on the edge of the water, hunting for fishes.  One of them was smoking a nice size cigar which made me think back to mines at home.  I longed for one–just an instant.  We saw women groups walking and a few runners.  We also saw bikers riding through the trail, scattered with uncover roots.  They were courageous to me, the bikers and the runners.    The roots were unforgiving if a mistake was made.  I could assume no one wanted to meet the ground, particularly with their face.

It’s me!!
Even among the bare trees we still saw solid nature.  The ground was firm and moist.  There were so many broken branches of wood on the earth we found solid walking sticks.  I viewed ducks in the water while my lady though they were swans—I surmise they could have been. I’m not an animal expert but it was cool to see fowls anyways.  The trail was 2 miles and we walked every bit of it.  It as an enjoyable afternoon.  Our hearts long for such an adventure.


empty house–haunted??
An escape from the city, it made for great relaxation.  This will be the first of many hikes for the warm months. We welcome such a future.

I think nature was nice in granting us a vacation locally, and without discomfort to our psyche. So we accepted this gift with two words–thank you.





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