Poetry Corner of 2017

Atlas V Arc of Light
Atlas V Arc of Light



HAPPY NEW YEAR (well, western culture new year).  I haven’t been blogging for a while.  Making changes, good changes in the real world.  So with this late edition of a post here is the first poetry corner (minus a Friday) of 2017.  A short expression of love from a local hip hop cat from St. Louis, MO in 1999.  Enjoy this special edition of the Poetry Corner!!


Look for more blog post this coming year and thanks everyone for bearing with me.  I know we lost people throughout the year, lost relationships and other things that were a part of our everyday living.  Hopefully we gain something too.  Hopefully the perspective we have, or should have is a comfort and a diverge from a path of ill regret that one might have been traveling on.  It is what we lost and how we dealt with it that is a reference to our sensibility to maturity.  2017 is like any other year in our travels.  Just make sure you have good friends besides you. Rocky paths feel more comfortable with positive enforcement of thoughts, ideas, and faith.  I guess without the positive one could miss the latter.


Just like missing the change of making love to the someone you yearned in past time.


The absent of the never mind



“Sol Rays gleam on my eyes, while you triumph in my mind and tolerate my storms,

moon shattered across my brow in opposite facings..”


It was quite the laughable day.

i manage to upset everyone including my love.

I happen upon a something she hated,

that she discussed with me during football Monday,

I forgot,

she didn’t,

respect is for both,

as i choose none


so it was chosen for me.


“sol ray ignored my laugh, as rain ran steadfast and quietly succumbed to nothing.”


by K-Madd of Po Theory

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