Friday Night Poetry Corner #116


Greetings everyone.  I know I am a day late but still it is time for another poetry corner (even though it is not on its regular day).   This week is a poem taken from my first published book called “Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor” that came out in 2009.   The context of his poem was the DeathStalker’s haunting conversation with Color-code in Nephlim’s Sorrow of the Darken Fogs.   I will let you read it and come up with your own interpretation.   Thanks for joining me again for another poetry corner!!  Oh if anyone has any poetry that you would like to be feature please don’t hesitate to send me an email at



Azulrun "Colorcode"
Azulrun “Colorcode”



I glared,


beyond the crimson gates—

the same gates that housed


of fellow mates. I laugh,



to sundry beings of

subtle enchantments

called the gatekeeper

the never sleeper.


I stood firmly

limbs red burning

ashes yearned

the secret to smoke,


at my revelation

of fallen grace

the one tooth stained

my greed substance

from trails of vomit

and other confusion,

I confess

I believe the one

that devours my essence

in awe of delightful,

discernible peril

sustained death

of nobles’ health,

cried the guard of crimson gates

I walked slowly from my post,

eyes climbing every passing being

siren blast through the wind,

signaling the finish

of my actions

my devotion of devilish grins..

I am what I unloved

I am the chosen,

Gatekeeper of—Crimsons Gates.”

by K. G. Bethlehem-except from Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor

Avenging Knights

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