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Urban Life Sunset Pedestrian Crossing
Urban Life Sunset Pedestrian Crossing



Twas the season to be bold…

I guess mutherfucker.
This is not the same post you are use to seeing. Not really political, well somewhat. Not too sociological bedded. It is my collection of current thoughts. My musings, more a correct way of stating it.

This seasons of human interactions is a fucking ill service to anyone who has a brain and who knows how to normalize things in a logical way. The blame people display towards certain groups but yet when their own does the same thing—silence to dawn.

I try to understand the other side. I really want to have an understanding of this anger, this rage. I am missing the reasoning for such emotions. Even raw emotions are birth from a common place foundations that anyone could relate to. A preponderance of a conclusion of a structural societal norm that isn’t, wasn’t meant for everyone. People I believe gets that. One example is the shirking of he middle class and the jobs of old days are just that—old days.

What’s hard to get is the reason to lash out against another segment of the populace to which they have nothing to do with disappearing jobs. Then the double-standard rises up. The blaming of the working class while , relentlessly the rich and policy makers. Incredible?!

I recently viewed a video on Facebook where this middle age brutha was preaching to a crowd of African-Americans (I am assuming because of the color of their skin but can’t make a statement of fact without knowing their ethnicity) and the crust of of his speech stop blaming others and look at yourselves. Stop blaming the white man. If you don’t make it, it is your fault. We can control our neighborhoods, stop waiting for people to save you (I strongly agree with that last point).

Here is my ire of such a speech. ENOUGH!!!!!!!

The time of being preached down to is long fucking gone. It is buried along with bullshit promises from the establishment we affectionately call our politicians (The day I can meet with my congressman/woman instead of their staffers then I will subtract them from the elite status). I can talk about the factors of being denied credit base on nothing at all. Redlining when it comes to buying a home. Denied loans to start up businesses. Dysfunctional educational system that holds testing rather than grades as the measurement of mastering a grade. Here is a thought, and I don’t think it is a new one.

How about opening the speech like this:

“Good afternoon. I can stand up here and speak to you about our conditions which we and others contributed to. I can talk about the apathetic nature of us and the systematic racism that is against us to this day. But…

Here are some ideas that can alleviate our local crisis in the meantime. For one, we spend a lot of money at the grocery market while the cost of food is going up and wages staying the same for the past 10 years. Instead lets form a food coop (explain the coop). Oh we can develop a community garden as well. We can grown individual gardens on our own property but since a lot of us are renting we are in the process of buying a vacant lot. That vacant lot will be our new garden.

Lets form program of housing coop. This was recently done in Washington DC (explain the process and yes you can use google. It has been done and it is a great benefit for working class people).

Next lets meet and point out who in our community (our neighborhood) who really wants to create a business that would be a need for us (grocery store, clothing store, car shop, etc.). Have them sign a contract to have the business in our community and hire people (outstanding citizens) who live in the immediate community as employees. This is a way to help keep dollars in and long-term investments.

Next buying up more vacant lots…

Next creating a community center that will teach supplementary education along with African-American and people of color (specifically other ethic groups living in the neighborhood ie: Latinos) that isn’t normally taught in schools. Oh, we can look into having classes on cooking and eating right. Creating a diet that is will act as a preventive medical field and lessens our health problems in the long run…

You get what I am saying..






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