Friday Night Poetry Corner (extra edition) #115

Here is a little something i came up with while listening to Miles Davis jazz channel on Itunes radio..


Why did I mention all of that??


The hell if I know.


Mabel Talk:  Distort reality the Steve Jobs Way
Mabel Talk: Distort reality the Steve Jobs Way



structural inferiority

I wonder for days that when I pray

the pain would simply go away

and to be never seen,

like a rainbow in the Sahara,

masking thoughts of the unclean

I want solutions to be solved without fuss

I want teenagers in front of my building to not


I look for answers but gets nothing

in return

I talk to elders who lacks wisdom,

and shun the ones who can


Is it true I could be a walking contradiction

lies and truth spoken to one,

it confuses others somewhat,

like this rhythm—its fun.

So in judgment I say,

can this last another day?

A query for you,

an answer to some,

a belief to most

that satisfy none…

By K.G. Bethlehem

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