A dark time…

нажмите на обою для рабочего стола, чтобы увидеть ее в реальном разрешении
нажмите на обою для рабочего стола, чтобы увидеть ее в реальном разрешении

Hey everyone!  Today I want to do a portion of my first published book.  Fantasy is one of the genres I write in and really is my personal favorite.  I remember clearly when I was a kid I would look at pictures of magical beings fighting against the brave warriors and become engulf in the background equally as the foreground of characters.  I tried to take such attention do detail in my work and with that being I will let you be the judge.  Hope you enjoy this excerpt from Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor.”





The mini-run sped quickly over the vast trail that was separated by many miles from their companions who had departed from Middle Lake about a day ago. Razorblade was controlling the transport while Colorcode sat in the back studying the area map of 2nd Kingdom to find a safe passage to the accursed woods. The seemingly endless trail wound through the woods, offering nothing of hope until the knights saw a faint structure of mass importance in the distance. As they rode closer they could read the sign: Saddlerings Keep.

Sir, there is a structure straight ahead of us,” cried Colorcode.

Azulrun "Colorcode"
Azulrun “Colorcode”

I’ve seen the outer structure already on the radar; it’s Saddlerlings Keep,” replied Razorblade. “The last stronghold in the outer area of the 2nd Kingdom, Sir Treymus of Sye is still the Aroden Lord of this fortress.”

Alas the great kingdom of Ardoenia now confined to just a day and a half distance of land!” said Colorcode. This story would be ironic, if wasn’t for the outward gloom of it. I could never understand why Ardoenia fell to such a state?


Stay peaceful; the Aroden Lord should have some information for us on any type of dangers that lie ahead before we reach the death woods.”

If you are correct; the woods are only several days from the keep.”

I’m heading there right now. In the meanwhile, keep a lookout on the outer map.”

The knights at last reached the perimeter of Saddlerlings Keep, but to their horror an incredible battle had taken place and numerous bodies of men and goblins alike were scattered throughout the courtyard. Razorblade halted the mini-run and he and Colorcode stepped out with weapons drawn, their eyes keen in on the dim corners of the keep that late day sunlight had forsaken. It seemed like the last swordsmanship of the world, the last of all battles, this was the honor guard, in Morf’s terms oath man comings of Saddlerlings Keep. The prison of gnashing mysteries rang as true as old steel rusted under tainted soil as many weapons and machinery were scattered throughout the courtyard. The walls showed battle worn gaps and broken maces covered the floor of the ancient throne room. The knights walked in haste to discover a destroyed structure of great power and corrupted reasoning. The stench of dead flesh savored the air with a sick odor of recently killed creatures. The first knight climbed the stairs in the far corner of the throne room where he found glimmering golden shields, about four of them hanging on the staircase in perfect condition. The second knight surveyed the entry level for signs of ill or virtuous souls but to no avail. The floor was as a graveyard from whence they entered. The first knight, nearing the top of the blooded staircase, saw an astonishing sight; the Aroden Lord; Sir Treymus of Sye, dead and draped over the near wall with invective words inscribed upon his exposed chest. His armor was masked with reddish blood and rust, his eyeballs were placed inside of his slightly ajar mouth. The knight knew the battle skill of Sir Treymus and knew the unknown foe was a fierce one as Aroden Lord’s right hand still grasped his broken sword. The knight from the lower level then sheathed his sword as the bodies of dead fighters burned a scar on his stone psyche.

Na’aim aka Razorblade

Alas Colorcode, what do you see from your position?” query a dumbfounded Razorblade?

Colorcode still stood frozen and speechless as his eyes fixed on the remains of Sir Treymus of Sye on the nearby wall.

Colorcode, respond, don’t tarry!” It was again still silence. “Colorcode!!”

With haste Razorblade ran with literally blinding speed up the stairs to see what was happening with his fellow companion. His celebrity arrival, which would have amazed general eyes, did not disturb Colorcode as he stood rooted to the spot in horror. Razorblade without question looked towards the wall on which Colorcode’s eyes had been fixed for the past several minutes.

Yah’s mercy, what kind of bane sorcery is this?” cried a stunned Razorblade. He surveyed the riddled body of Treymus and the battle worn room. “Sir Treymus of Sye was a mighty warrior, the Aroden Lord of the out 2nd Kingdom. His authority was the last of the good in Saddlerlings Keep.”

I’m at a loss as to who did this Razorblade, but it was not any of Doomonster’s minions.”

I find no errors in your judgment; there were not any other monsters of its kind on the lower levels of the throne room. For the most part all fighters were humans and goblins respectively.”

Zor Goblins?”

No it was not them,” replied Razorblade in a serious manner as he remembered the formidable battles with the Zor Goblins when he was fifteen enos. The dying screams of innocents of the Nubian Tribe still haunt him in his sleep and now and again during his wake. “I have never seen this type of hobgoblin before.”

Both knights stood in silence as they pondered over the identity of the attackers until the smell of the room pierced their reverie.

This smell is worse than an ogre’s corpus.”

Be still,” whispered Razorblade. “I feel evil nearing.”

Both knights drew their swords in preparation for a conflict. Razorblade walked towards the eastern side of the room as Colorcode glared down the glittered staircase. Razorblade’s eyes focused in shadows as his ears searched for wisdom for the approaching evil. His arms began to quiver a little, eyes wide open as he stared towards the corner. He viewed a creature of gray illumination emerging slowly but menacingly out of the remains of the Aroden Lord. Razorblade shouted out as he lunged towards the devious creature.

Colorcode, move quickly!!!”

The knight glanced behind him and saw numerous dagger-like teeth slightly above his left ear. He rolled forcefully to his right as the creature only bite air rather than his neck. Razorblade, with perfect timing, ran to the creature’s blind side and swung his sword in anger at its neck. The blow sliced cleanly through with swiftness and screams of agony were the award of Razorblade’s prompt action.

Ugggggggggh!!!” howled the creature as it disappeared, leaving nothing behind except more questions than answers.

Are you well?” queried Razorblade anxiously.

I’m in good spirits,” panted an out of breath Colorcode. He stood off his right knee and met Razorblade at eye level. “Good thing you saw that foul entity in time.”

Razorblade did not reply but nodded leisurely towards Colorcode in agreement with what was just said. He glared again at the spot of the disappearance of the creature and pondered briefly over its identity.

That was a Tolrun Shade.”


Rebirth of Lost Honor--on sale at Lulu.com & Amazon.com
Rebirth of Lost Honor–on sale at Lulu.com & Amazon.com





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