INTERVIEW: Ady Pradhan ~ Indian Rap Artist/Producer

ADY PRADHAN Hip Hop artist and producer
ADY PRADHAN Hip Hop artist and producer


Hey everyone! It is me K.G., can’t you see? lol. I know my posts as of late have been sporadic. Some of you might know I am also the general manager a Some Unique Magazine so I have to split my time the best way I can. Which isn’t always equal sad to say. But a great thing has come out of this is me showcasing our writer’s well written articles. Also you can visit our magazine page and enjoy many more writings from various viewpoints and subject matters.

As for today here is an interview conducted by SUM writer Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh about India’s Hip Hop sensation ; ADY PRADHAN! Check it out and check out vid for worldwide entertained that as a music lover you will certainly enjoy.

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