Last Red Rose (Friday Night Poetry Corner #113)




Welcome everyone to Friday Night Poetry Corner! Its been awhile so let’s get started. Here is piece by a gifted poet name Kevin Brown called–Last Red Rose. Read this and you might find what love is from many points of view.

Kevin Brown Poetry

​She braced herself -

For the cold seasons ahead,

As if some inherent thought,

Had encouraged self-preservation,

Against the spirit of change.

A multitude of thorns,

Covered her slender stem,

Self-protection was key,

Starting as she had.

A small seed,

Who clawed her way from the dirt,

A beauty once unseen, watched,

As others bloomed and wilted,

Before her eyes.

And now she grows eternally,

Anchored in my soul,

Stronger roots, endless possibility -

For I, see beyond her thorns,

She is a single red rose,

Taken in from the cold,

Placed upon a pillow.

Kevin Brown © 29.01.2016

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