Avenging Knights—-“The Conflict of Demon in Zero Hour.”

Let’s bring this one back. Oh, part to Avenging Knights is in the works..:o)

But for now this one is still available.

KG Bethlehem

Mela "The Sorceress" Mela “The Sorceress” by Kevin Ray of St. Louis, MO

From recent previous poets I’d been showcasing my first publish book called “Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor.” The current edition out now is a 2nd edition with better writing and a correction of a few mistakes the original had in it–mainly typos. I displayed profiles of certain characters along with a brief passage. Today is a shorter passage but the scene that it is referencing from is one of the most intense scene of the book. A major battle between Doomonster and Mela “The Sorceress.” It was a dark one, a view from the bottom of the planet—dubbed “The Conflict of Demon in Zero Hour.”

Sharpstar forgetting about his other companion glanced upwards to see Mela trapped by the Imp King. He knew there was nothing to could do from their position so he held his sword downwards and…

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