Comment on War (Friday Night Poetry Corner #112)

Welcome again to another poetry corner.  Sometimes you can find treasures when you aren’t looking for them.  I read quite a bit Langston Hughes poems and for all years I never read this one.  Last weekend me and a friend as in Southeast D.C (Eastern Market) and ran across a book at Capital Books called “The Collection of Langston Hughes’s Poems.”  A marvelous book but more important I found one poignant poem that relates to history, present, and sadly the future (only if we allow it).  Here from the Harlem Word Prince himself a poem called “Comment on War.”


Can Any War Be "Just"? Vietnam War in Rare Photos. | Big Think
Can Any War Be “Just”? Vietnam War in Rare Photos. | Big Think


Comment on War
by Langston Hughes



Let us kill off youth
For the sake of truth .
We who are old know what truth is —
Truth is a bundle of vicious lies
Tied together and sterilized —
A war-makers’ bait for unwise youth
To kill off each other
For the sake of

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