Friday Night Poetry Corner #10 (Reblogged–reminiscing over HRR!!)

Greetings everyone! I wanted to bring this back. This was an early poetry corner joint that I think you guys will like.

KG Bethlehem

Much respects and love everyone!

There is the first Friday Night Poetry Corner for 2014. well the “Seasons Greetings” is almost left us for another moment in time; here is a poem that reflect on seasons for lack of speaking.

Here is my poem I wrote in 2009; it is called Trees. Take a walk through different times and reflect just a little…

Thanks again for stopping by.



I stood among green trees
The season of strong life
Park walks, of flying ducks
and laughing children
The young years,
Discourage elders’ tears

I walk among the colorful trees
Absence of new smells
The ringing bells
engulf the cool, sunny air
Enrage our foreshadowing
of the ice season

I step tenderly around the empty trees
The still water
stood silently
like old statues
Of far away lands
Snowmen castles
Angels’ mirth
and bears longing sleep

I dance among

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