Reflections Of The UK’s Withdrawal From The European Union

From the innovated Some’n Unique Magazine–check out this well written, thoughtful article by SUM’s own Adam Mattis! (oh at the time of the article being publish Adam was a guest writer but now is a part-time writer for us)

5 thoughts on “Reflections Of The UK’s Withdrawal From The European Union

  1. Thanks for posting this, kg! It’s a corrective to the impression one can form, that Americans know little, for a superpower, about the rest of the world. It’s amusing that I, a Briton, found this excellent UK article via an American’s blog.

    I know it reflects the feelings of many young people and not a few older: some of them have joined the firmly pro-EU party I belong to, the Liberal Democrats (note to Americans: in the UK this is a small political party, not a large wing of a large political party called the Democrats, just as Republicans in Northern Ireland are not at all like Republicans in the US – some of them have beards).

    The implications of the decision go beyond economics. Not long ago, Scotland voted by a fairly small margin not to go for independence from the UK. The great majority of Scots – in every single local area of the country – voted to stay in the EU. The Scottish devolved government and Parliament are controlled by the Nationalists. It will be surprising if there isn’t a second independence referendum based on Scotland leaving the UK to stay in the EU – and surprising if it doesn’t lead to independence.

    The bloody conflict of communities and loyalties in Northern Ireland was receding uncertainly into history and the famous Border – between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – was becoming unimportant. Now it will be an EU border and co-operation between different strands of Irish will go backwards, perhaps even to “The Troubles”.

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    1. No worries. Glad you like it. One of our newest writers, Adam Mattis wrote this. He resides in Manchester so it was refreshing to get his viewpoint on this. Brilliant young man I must say.


    2. Here’s a question for you, is there a strong reaction of buyers remorse from the anti EU crowd? If so is it possible for a another vote to take place in reference to Britain reentering the EU?


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