walking away towards forever land

(hey, this post was originally published in the fall of 2014 but somehow it was still in my drafts.  so i publish it again just in case the first one didn’t go through.  this poem was written when a special person, my grandmother passed away–minutes after she went to the next realm of living.)


This is not a poetry corner moment, just a moment…


i kinda' look like her :o)
i kinda’ look like her :o)


Walking away towards forever land.

I’m looking,

just looking.

See the waterfall as it turns ways of creativity.

Striking the curiosity,

virtuosity movement gave me silence to believe

inwardly of hope
and love
and courage…

I’m looking for my loved one

who is going far away,

yet so close,

inwardly of hope
and love
and courage to muster the voice
above these tears.

I believe in such a moment,
to which I felt strongly in a few years.

Yes, strongly felt–
Still looking,
somewhat searching closely
for that loved one who is nearing passing,
that one who is close to the forever land.

I just believed

only if you could see.


Mrs. Alma Higgins in her prime
Mrs. Alma Higgins in her prime

2 thoughts on “walking away towards forever land

  1. I remember this post, why? because you are smoking the same type of cigarret that I smoke! As alway great writing after reading your other post, hope everything goes good with your books, quite the talent you have, maybe sooner than later I can get to your level, but just glad to read you


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