Close Poetry (Friday Night Poetry Corner #106)

Pfizer to close Mumbai manufacturing facility
Pfizer to close Mumbai manufacturing facility


My friendly, good people in the global neighborhood–minus the land of make-believe. :-). Welcome to another installment of the Friday Night Poetry corner. This joint, this well written self-reflection poem is written by Bioman and it is called—

“Close Poetry”

Now close your eyes and read it!!

Yeah, I’m kidding and it was a suck joke. But this poem is crazy good. Check it out and please visit this creative writer when you get a chance.


When we get close and the poetry

Gets too infinite for touching but

Close enough for thaw, I wonder

Do you ever see

What it is that I see?

Do you ever know what I tell?

For it is about to begin

And you know and I know it is

The end



Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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