Friday Night Poetry Corner #104

a look into a sci fi thriller
a look into a sci fi thriller




Hey good peoples!!


I think everyone noticed by now that I am doing the poetry corner every other week; 2 editions per month.  The reason for this is because other projects are taking up a lot of my time.  I am currently writing for:

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Now back to business, well sort of because it is mostly fun for me 🙂


Today I will feature a sort of poem from my science fiction book called Astronomical.  It is a space adventure but with an anti-utopian theme.  I don’t want to give most away but I will put some of the story in to so you can get the context of it.   Please decipher what you read and leave a comment please.  I am really curious to what you guys think of it. Well let’s get to it…


Oh, thanks again for all of the support!




*Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Astronomical 




Colonel Harrison walked out. He closed the door behind him and wondered about his mission. He strolled down the corridor and read up on the other crew members. He smiled inwardly. He couldn’t get the thoughts of war out of his mind or the talks of vengeance and death. Nexus Jor seemed so foreign to him, like a distant relative calling out of the blue or a new flavor of ice cream from a candy stand; it was just not normal. He realized such thoughts were not for a soldier to have, especially an honored officer of the Space Core. He pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind and hopefully they would be forgotten.

But what was never forgotten was the song that he had heard during basic training. The same damn song that played at night and all night. All night long it echoed off of the blank walls, the two way windows and the marble blue floor. It endorsed the duty of men or so it was told to him by his commanding sergeant. Those speakers kept the words humming. Those speakers were more determined to condition good officers, more so than the human element. You see, machines never question orders but humans have the potential to, which made them more fragile. The words were smoothing once he was older, more seasoned and of course more loyal to the Core…..

♫♫Listen good solider

Don’t think ahead

Listen to the Commanders

From the books you read.

March good solider

March to the land

Listen for the howling

Of the Viking clans.

Listen good solider

Listen very well

Once a brave solider

We’ll never touch Hell

Learn good soldier

Learn what you can

Memorize your enemy

To break their stand

Kill good soldier

Kill all the weak

Make sure they fear you

While they bleed

Love good soldier

Love the Core

Blessed are the men

Who never ask for more♫♫?


The void creates madness to the weak and and arrogant ones..



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