Friday Night Poetry Corner #101

Hey, good afternoon??


Yep this is another Saturday edition of the Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week has been a long, hard-working one so yesterday evening I was low on energy and called it a night early.  Now, I am refreshing and ready to present  #101 of Friday Night Poetry corner with a personal piece of mines, well from a book written myself and F. Kenneth Taylor called..


Shadow Within A City
Shadow Within A City





I know you will enjoy this short yet disturbing piece.  If you have your copy of Shadow Within A City you will understand the context a little better.  But I must say if you don’t you still can.  So if you please give your comments of what this poem means to you, what emotions it convey if any but most important describe an image in your mind that comes up from reading this poem.  Again thank you everyone for being patient and keep on writing, reading, drinking coffee, eating donuts, and smoking cigars (OK maybe not the last two lol).







“Up the hill,
Of Mary who sought to kill,
Story of stories,
Tales fell low,
Misunderstood words,
Is all you should know…”


excerpt from Chapter 11 ‘Strange Visitors’ of Shadow Within a City



Servant of the One; a picture of madness.
Servant of the One; a picture of madness.



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