Your Yesterday Is Not Our Today (Friday Night Poetry Corner #100)

Men Against Domestic Violence
Men Against Domestic Violence



Greetings everyone. Hey its the 100th poem of the Friday Night Poetry Corner!! Wow, three years of hosting this and it is still going on strong mainly thanks to you guys for supporting it. Well I thought I would have some amazing words to write about this moment but to be honest let’s do what this night was always intended to do…


Tonight Herminia Chow’s epic thought racing poem called “Your Yesterday is not out Today” takes a look at violence in society to which the victims before will not be the victims of today. It is very important as a rational human to understand such a claim, to feel the importance of a working society with elimination of violence; more so illogical violence (if you want to know what I meant by that just ask please:-). Well here we go, enjoy and visit Herminia Chow’s blog for more great writing!

Herminia Chow

What if you woke up one day,

Only to realize you messed up in every way?

But yesterday doesn’t have to dictate today,

Remember you can always walk away.

Does it feel like your life is in vain?

Do you hate dealing with your own pain?

Don’t you see real life is not a movie or story?

Then why is it so hard to start saying sorry?

You’ll burn yourself fighting fire with fire,

You’ll lie awake at night and find that you tire,

Of lying to yourself, to the ones you’ve hurt,

You’re done with treating others like dirt.

You only lose when you turn to violence.

All you need is a moment of silence—

To think before you follow through,

To choose a decision that’s right for you.

You know what you experienced is real,

Yet time doesn’t help you heal.

You can be the one to put a…

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