Morphine Moon (Friday Night Poetry Corner #98)


Welcome, welcome, welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a somber poem, a look into an ending of one or at least the process of a life leaving this realm. Mary Hohlman’s “Morphine Moon” take a look at what I describe so please join with me in walking this journey of pain and comfort. Now this is my own interpretation and you will of course have another one. Please share in the comments and also when you have the chance visit her blog. She is a marvelous writer.


My twenty third birthday
I took the train to see you
In the light of your hospital room
I saw a skeleton of what was you
You glanced my way; eyes still a deep velvet blue
I gestured my kindness but quickly excused myself to cry…
Utterly and deeply
The regret of my absence
Because I was so mad
And the mess of my life back then…

Our last moment
You knew I needed to leave
From the palm of your thin fingers
A ten dollar bill to get me home

I refused, even when I had none
even knowing it was kindness; something you’ve always done
I wanted you to know I loved you more then that.

One last good-bye
One that I wish could of lasted forever
I headed back into the cold
Beside the empty train station
feeling blacker then a starless night.

The horrible train ride

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