Friday Night Poetry Corner #96

Welcome back my peoples who voices are lethal.. See, I made that rhyme.  :-)..   Ok, ok, continuing on with the theme of Black History Month here is an artist, poet, singer, great thinker who I loved his work to the heart.  Gil Scott Heron's magnificent piece called "Winter in America."   I will not … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #96

A Dream Deferred..(Friday Night Poetry Corner #95) (Feature picture A-Monster-Calls-Illustration.jpg) It really doesn't matter how many Black History Months that come--I will always showcase this poem first or at least second.  It is my personal favorites and one if not the greatest piece of poetic literature I ever read...   A Dream Deferred   What happens to a dream deferred? Does … Continue reading A Dream Deferred..(Friday Night Poetry Corner #95)