Time to start living (Friday Night Poetry Corner #94)



Good evening everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Today is a crazy day with the winter storm madness that his engulfed Washington D.C. So me or course I am snowed in but it is cool. I have my cigars, coffee, snacks, food, and PS4. The essentials lol.

Now I want to feature this thought provoking poet named Benedicta‘s work called “Time to start living.” If this title doesn’t’ grab you I really don’t know what will. The accountable to yourself and eternal happiness I guess. Or am I just off? Read this joint and be amazed for yourself..

For I consider...

No more reliving it all in my head
No more being in insomniac changed to my bed
No memories of sweetness gone by
No more pricks at the hear of cloudy grey skies
No more shouting it all in my head
No more pretending the world isn't red

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One thought on “Time to start living (Friday Night Poetry Corner #94)

  1. I haven’t opened my blog in months because I was afraid of what I might find in my own mind. I forgot about this poem. Thank you so much for featuring it. Reading your comments honestly brought me to tears. It is time to start living again indeed.

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