First look into the published novella called “The Forever Spring”

*Except from the newest work of K. G.  Bethlehem called “The Forever Spring.”  The main protagonist Sarah R. Johnson speaking with her boyfriend Ricardo along with surprise call from..



Actual book cover created by Brian "Red" Hawkins of Arch City Designs & Graphics
Actual book cover created by Brian “Red” Hawkins of Arch City Designs & Graphics


The long road was nearly at an end. Sarah Renee Johnson had been driving for the past 5 hours and was almost home. Spring break and this time no beach trips or even college protests. She wanted to see her daddy, and see him she would. She looked in the mirror to admire her nose ring; she had gotten it done before leaving campus yesterday morning. Sarah loved her hair cut; a little shorter than usual, just stopping at her shoulders. For the most part she kept it in a ponytail but not today. It was school break and she felt free like a bird. She had grown much more, a few inches taller than before as she reached the height of 5’5. Sarah is starting to look much like her Mother which she did not like. She despised her Mother for not being in her life. Sarah loathed her so much she told people that her mother died so they would stop asking questions about her. Majority of the mother questions ended in middle school.

“Classes were a bitch this semester,” Sarah thought. “Two 10 page papers for a Criminal Justice research class; what an asshole.”

Sarah’s thoughts were soon interrupted. Her visual phone rang as a visual of her dad displayed on the dashboard.

“You should had been here an hour ago, young lady,” accused questioned her father.

“I know, I know—I stopped for a while by a lake to eat lunch,” replied Sarah but her cheeks blushed a bright color red.

“You’re lying.”



Sarah R. Johnson by Joel Charles
Sarah R. Johnson by Joel Charles


“Yes I am—I actually smoked some good weed.”

“Dammit Sarah, I told you not to smoke when you’re driving,” snapped her father as his eyes tightened and mouth became crooked. He ran his fingers through his grey hair, and took his brown glasses off, awaiting a response.

“It keeps me focused daddy,” replied Sarah as her voice became high-pitched and eyes shifted over towards the road. “Besides I only smoked half a cigar, not a whole

“It’s the law to not drive high or drunk—never mind why am I discussing this over the air. We will talk more on the subject when you get home. OK?!”

“Yes daddy, I understand. I apologized.”

“Yeah—right. Any note— love you and drive safe!”

“Love you too, see you in a few.”

Conversation ended. She was glad because she didn’t want to lie to him anymore.

“Can I finally get up?”

“Yes babe.”

A young man, just a year older than Sarah rose up from the back seat. She pulled over so he could come to the front with her. He was a native of the former Republic of Honduras, Ricardo Sosa. Ricardo was a senior at Sarah’s school. They both attended Georgia State University. They shared a passionate kiss as she resumed driving.

“Why was I hiding?” asked Ricardo. “I assumed your father liked me. We had great interactions before.”

“He does like you a lot,” answered Sarah.

“Then why?”

“It is because of those protests in the past.”

“Are you serious? I got you involved in a couple, but they were just voting rights and equal workplace contracts. Lightweight stuff.”

“Well my father doesn’t want careers to be hurt from such involvements, that’s all.”

“Oh—I see. I want to protect you and…”

Sarah smiled and then chuckled a little.

“What’s amusing?” asked Ricardo as he snapped his head back in an odd manner.

“You don’t understand, he’s not concerned about me—it’s you.”


“Yes he doesn’t want your career, your future in jeopardy because of my actions.”

“OK,” replied Ricardo softly as he sat back, staring at the road ahead. “Does he know about the High Mayor’s office in Macon?”

“No, and nobody does so let’s keep it like that.”

“Look, I am all for protest and rattling the cage of the elites, but the Free People’s…”

Sarah turned and placed her finger on her month as her eyes slanted.

“I mean to say the Bowling Club People’s group,” spoke a corrected Ricardo. “You can’t get your way with getting free games. It is quite embarrassing.”

Sarah eyed her boyfriend with a sheepish smirk, “Yes it is embarrassing, huh?”

Ricardo smiled sheepishly and nodded.

“He wants you to have a future with no question of your loyalty, he believes you can make a great career in the political circle of NAF,” Sarah said as she was nearing a check point on the highway.

“That is high praise coming from your father,” said Ricardo. He grinned from hearing such an accolade. “I will try not to disappoint.”

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