talk about your mental illness (Friday Night Poetry Corner #93)

Daehyun Kim, I always go back to me.
Daehyun Kim, I always go back to me.


Ladies and Gentlemen. First off Happy New Year and welcome to the first poetry corner of 2016. We are entering this year on a serious yet honest look into mental illness. This poem by enfrighten called “talk about your mental illness” is an honest, powerful and painful look in dealing with such a condition. I remember a blogger who passed away a year ago dealt with bi-polar and wrote a blog every other week detailing and writing about his experiences. It was telling, heart-felt just like this poem here. Visit this poet’s site and be amazed at more serious writings that will show a door to your soul the reality of pain and love.


Being bipolar is cool.

No, really, it’s a protean and vivid continuum that gives me the most satisfying state of ecstasy during my ups.

I am giant, a king of all, I have a clear purpose to create and destruct.

People are angelic,

I am beautiful and playing God.

It’s all up to me.

And then I fall into a bleak and disgusting world,

a new dimension where humanity could not be more sickening,

the world more arduous to face,

and me being consumed with the compulsion to self destruct.

I have decided I would rather live in a state of

constant unpredictability, euphoria, and masochism than one of

crippling apathy and sedation.

I refuse medication for my fucked up brain,

the wiring may be faulty but at least I am feeling deeply.

The pervasively painful downs are worth the beauty I see in the world when I am up.

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