Friday Night Poetry Corner #91 presents…  byGrace McCammond and Youth from Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club byGrace McCammond and Youth from Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club

Good late evening everyone. Welcome to another edition of the Friday Night Poetry Corner. As you can see I am starting to do this every other week; twice a month. I might go back to once a week at the beginning of next year but we’ll see. If anyone has thoughts on that just shoot me an email or leave a message on my blog.

This week’s feature poem is my very own. Yeah, every so often I put one up to share and that moment has come once again. This poem I wrote back in 2002 and performed it at the a poetry spot in North County St. Louis. I can’t think of the name of the place but it was in Dellwood, MO I believe. It is called “Midwest trumpet player of Union Blvd.” Hope you enjoy it and thanks again for visiting. Have a coffee on me, cigar too 🙂



Midwest trumpet player of Union Blvd.



He amazed the great song player
of northeast St. Louis.
The chance of love,
and stage base emotions
and soak bass trumpet melodies
and soft voices—emotes
my inner,
the feel winner
of mind-boggling
surface gesture.
Engaged the would be
of my favor.
So I savor
the man within
I grin
the love of changing faces
I love,
damn I mean, I craved
your attention.
In crisp romance
of jungle heat,
and fire dance advances
of my favorite tune.
My famous song,
my essence of pure anything
surpass the everything
even my jealous side,
humble to your sweeten smile.



-K.G. Bethlehem

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