Out!! Dystopian, sci-fi tale called…

Everyone, THE FOREVER SPRING novella is finally live and ready for purchase. Thanks for all my family and friends for the support. This dystopian tale of love and family is part of the SHADOW WITHIN A CITY series featuring Sarah R. Johnson of Midwest City.


In the dystopian world of Shadow Kill comes a remarkable story of a friend from a background that no one would have ever expected. Sarah Renee Johnson, the daughter of SCAF Intelligence High Agent William Johnson detailed life in the Georgia territory of North Atlantic Front. The love of father and daughter is so apparent that it helped raise a head strong child. Agent Johnson entrusted Sarah with secrets that would ultimately change her life forever.

Sarah’s dealings with her friends, classmates, and other adults helped her establish stable relationships throughout her life. Her involvement in progressive activities and resistance sects dubbed her an insurgent from behind the scenes. Can her father protect her? Can she protect herself from forces beyond her knowledge and disdain from the truth?

The Forever Spring will force you to look at casualties of an oppressive government that showcases itself as a balance and fairness for all of humanity. Sarah’s previous ties with the Lost Tribe and Yosul (aka ShadowKill from the novel Shadow Within A City) will show another side of her. One composed of darkness, light, and fallen grace of a stranger in her own country.




Look for the e-book version next month on Amazon but for now you can purchase the paperback on the picture below…



Actual book cover created by Brian "Red" Hawkins of Arch City Designs & Graphics
Actual book cover created by Brian “Red” Hawkins of Arch City Designs & Graphics




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