reporting on love from the outside… What is The New Age for you? Empowered Creation. The Cosmic Mother Through Lesley Hicks.
What is The New Age for you? Empowered Creation. The Cosmic Mother Through Lesley Hicks.


It was a great day, seeing two people who I care about celebrating a commitment towards each other. I won’t mention names, don’t need to because the expressions of honor I will share is noteworthy enough. A young couple, a loving couple who are expecting their first child early next year.

I guess marriage is the ultimate sign of commitment. The loyal oath that is greater than the one you place before country. Marriage is what you say in front of God, family, and friends. It is a community oath to which it can not be easily broken nor should it be.

I assume that their love, oath of loyalty towards each other was building way before both said “I do.” From a guess they made that step with being with each other became more normal than a weekend thing. When thinking of each other was part of routine than out of the ordinary. When conversations of future were more concrete than speculative. Where the mention of children did not count towards family pets.

I assume so much but looking at them; both of them and knowing the husband for much longer assume may lean closer towards fact not fiction. That is the strength of the man, his firms in conviction of honest conversation and rational empathy–

The aging of the new age man.

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