“The Dark Pith” Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor

General Furndar "Dark Pith"
General Furndar “Dark Pith” Artwork by Kevin Ray of St. Louis, MO


The clandestine army of General Furndar was now complete. The advanced group of soldiers was an answer against the so-called rebels of 4th Lebos. General Furndar sat in his comfort room with his right hand across his forehead, totally immersed in deep thought. He spoke in an unknown language from the Graves of Setolrun’s Grudge surrounded by the Peaks of Ruin. In a quiet voice the General spoke to himself while he waved his hand towards his burden gold chair.  The mumbling of words emoted from the general’s mouth, unknown language,  in a sense that filled the air with dread. The sounds hum, like a dying field mice as an odor of burning flesh rose from the floor.  In translation the words said; “My Lord, in earnest listening guide my thoughts and my will to do your desirable actions.” The General stood up and placed both arms at his sides as he walked towards an open window. His actions in the prior enos were horrendous but his focus provided fortification for his kingdom. His grin changed to a blank expression as he glared desolately through the gaping casement while his eyes found the inner-workings of the middle city of his kingdom. Farmers, merchants, law keepers, and habitual citizens alike hurried to their personal affairs in strict order that were the unsaid normalcy of his sovereignty. The General was content about the conformity of the populace. The diamond sellers were popular in his kingdom as more wealth meant more food. The passing of rollerbots and horses lent an air of purpose to the streets. He walked slowly towards the entrance of the room which was framed by two fine statues of honored warriors from the Past Days of Morf.

The statues showed warriors from the olden clan of the Sea Walkers of Atlas which were remembered as protectors of the outer lands of 4th Lebos. The General turned and faced the left statue and murmured in the same cryptic language that he had spoken while in deep thought; “Once more the low hum was present, this time the words sounded like low screams of dying women. In translation; “Glory to the god of the skulls.” Suddenly the wall on the other side of the statue silently unlocked and revealed a hidden room. The room was large enough for two people and had three black mirrors on each of the surrounding walls. The room was lit only by two red torches that displayed yellow and blue flames. In the middle of the room was another mirror that was three times larger than the other mirrors that inhabited the walls. Next to the middle mirror was an open book that held many depraved writings that glorified the slaughter of innocents and the damnation of humans. As the General strolled in the malevolent room the yellow and blue flame transformed to a cobalt color and all the mirrors displayed a black swirl. He was not frightened but knelt down on one knee in front of the large mirror. The General moved his face towards the blackness of the mirror and spoke in a riotous and bitter intonation. In translation “killer among men is desire for us, the return of us, the birth of us. nothing else is wanted nor needed, no praise of people, no self loathing or forsaken wealth, only us. we need the blood, the blood of young ones, young men and pure women. we need the faith of you to strengthen us…..” As quickly as the voice spoke, the mirrors returned to normal and the flames reverted back to yellow and blue. The same voices continue to whisper the insane language for a time, nothing ceased its talking but enhance a wicked awakening of the general. He then raised his head slightly but fell to the floor, screaming for help as if he was being attack by hundreds of small daggers in his chest. Strangely he did hold his chest but smiled as if he loved it, loved it all. General Furndar now knew his purpose as he placed his face within his hands for relief to his throbbing head. He stood up but kept this head down as the voices began to demise inside of him.
He will forever hear them at night, during the day, when making love and hugging his youths. It is a part of him, now and forever but he wanted this as a young couple wanting a baby. The smell went away as he lifted his head from his closed hands the blackened mirror displayed two ruby tinted eyes staring back at him. It was the reflection of him and depicted the Dark Pith.



(excerpt from Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor”)

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