Air and Space Museum (Video Blog) Part 1 K.G. Bethlehem’s version


“The absent of mind is the beginning of unbridled growth in the eternal.”

–K-Madd of Po Theory


This quote puts me into a place of exploration and what can spell out exploration other than the new and unknown frontier of outer space. The universe is the answer and what is fitting is to investigate a part of it on Earth. What I am talking about is the Air and Space Museum located in Dullas, VA. The hangar house over 50 airplane/jets including the space shuttle “Discovery.” I and my brother from another mother F. Kenneth Taylor visited the site and conducted several video recordings of what we saw including our personal thoughts. The enthusiasm from F. Kenneth Taylor is very honest as he severed in the Air National Guard out of Missouri in the late 90’s and early 2000’s could not camouflaged his love for aviation.

We both as Sci-Fi writers play with the mysteries of space for our own imagination and such a touch of realism is knowledge. Quite frankly this childhood wondering could rival a trip to Disney World, well in some circles of thought (which we were in of course lol). The inventions of humankind that resulted in us flying above ground, through the stars is the building blocks of a progressive society and level 1 civilization (would love to see a Level 3 but I will be far removed from this existence before we have a vast interstellar government presiding over an entire galaxy) which will work for now. Technology must be for the sustainability of life, it must be.

Exploration not colonization..

Now, with that being said enjoy the various videos throughout this post and feel free to leave a comment for this video series.  To S.U.M it all up as “Just a port of “Discovery.”


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