Yellow (Friday Night Poetry Corner #80)

Welcome everyone to another segment of Friday Night Poetry Corner. Last we was an off week but now the corner is back and back with a passionate poem of justice and emotional strength of person.
Protesting in Ferguson, MO

This piece call “Yellow” by Autumn Movement is an art of the current times. I think regardless of what side you on if you are not empathic to the freedom of others and/or exploring the differing position of your belief well frankly.  I don’t know what to say logically to open your mind…
UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses a can of pepper spray to move protestors who were blocking officers attempts to remove arrested protestors from the Quad on Friday afternoon. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo

But this poem and speak much better than me so check it out and check out the artist and formulate your opinion. One thing I love is the idea of the “thinking human,” abstract to formalized thoughts–

This poetic made me think a little more on life struggles– thank you and thank everyone for supporting the 80th feature poem of the Poetry Corner!

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