Friday Night Poetry Corner #79–An Angel’s last wish
I very, very seldom do romantic poems, or even love stories. I usually shy away from such topics or look at my brother from another mother F. Kenneth Taylor tackle that specific subject. I really did not have a strong reason for such an avoidance but any note here we go..

I wrote this love poem which of all illogical puns or tributes from me it was a dedication to a love story; Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan’s “City of Angels.”

Other than Poetic Justice (Tupac Shakur & Janet Jackson) and Disappearing Acts (Wesley Snipes & Sanaa Lathan) this particular film touch me somehow to write a poem about it. In truth I never wrote a poem in relations to any movie I seen which to this point I am still confused over that act (the poem itself is over 15 years old). Maybe a particular person had my thoughts wrapped up tightly to which my comfort in avoiding became less of an idea to cherish. Moot point at that time, I can’t really remember so the actual feeling and rationale will be lost as of now.
Love is sometime that can’t be easily explained or even desire with limited knowledge of its glory and pain. The need for companionship is so strong that doubt and confusion over the authenticity of defining love, labeling its structural blocks to see how it develops within. Is a lover in love with the one he or she wants, desires beyond the reason of logic–and that person is OK with all the choices that defines that statement. I thinking I see why I was building such a potent connection with this movie. The desire to want someone even if you forsake time and life itself is worth it in the journey of defining oneself in relation to love. I cherish and detest so easily and oddly simple mindfulness lead that way to young thinking.

Well, sometimes but I showed glimpses of maturity as well 🙂

Now good folks welcome to another segment of Friday Night Poetry Corner! Last week I took a break for a spell, back to continue the look in world-wide poetry. This week I am putting one of my own—I think you guess it so I won’t insult ones intelligence and will just allow the poem to begin. Thanks again everyone! Be well, drink coffee and tea, whatever you do, be the best you need and want to be..










an angel’s last wish
(dedication to the motion picture City of Angels)
I wish I could
see your face,
before vanishing

Once in a while
the absurd
love intakes
to mortal
inside of

I drift above plague waves
from loner’s beach
of cinnamon sands
builds us,
creates imagination,
sustains trust

just lay with me til’ I sleep,
oh please
my chest
as my heart
move forward

In brief I cease
in conscience I breath
to love is to hope
to believe in faith
is to never die.
By K.G. Bethlehem ©


8 thoughts on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #79–An Angel’s last wish

  1. I love that movie!

    These are my favorite parts of your poem:

    “Once in a while
    the absurd

    “I drift above plague waves
    from loner’s beach
    of cinnamon sands
    builds us,
    creates imagination,
    sustains trust”

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