A Poem for the Day (Friday Night Poetry Corner #78)

Hey, greetings, wassup (or what’s up for my word logic members), welcome to a serious, thinking edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week a poet; a thinking one M. Henning’s poem called “Colum-bine” (nice play of words I might add) speaks on a serious matter of our schools. I assume my followers, especially the ones with children of school age fear the potential violence in schools. They made not happen everyday or not as much as mainstream might lead us to believe but it is still real. My advice; always stay in tune with the “goings” of your child(ren)’s school(s).

But back to this intelligent heart groping poem. It will make you think and that is a good thing for the safety but healthy education of our future leaders.

Or at least future stand up citizens who will have a chance to achieve that status and more..


Matthew Henningsen's The Literary Doc


The day was bright and shone with light.

The flowers grew up in April.

Down on the grasses they shot – and – and –

On our stone paths we fell down, we fell

Down on shots that ring from rooms

With signs posted: bleeding to death,

The day was, bright, and, shone, with light.

The flowers, grew up in, April?

Up in the book shelves they broke – so – much –

Of our books, of the stories we tell

To each other… and in the end

A boy fell from a window…

The day was bright – it shone with light –


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