Love After Life After Death (Two5mProductions)

Ladies and Gentleman, people to and from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) the marvelous Rosie Rogers of TWO5mProductions presents a performing art spectacle called—

Love After Life After Death
The Bradley Sisters have Loved a lot, Lost a lot and Endured a lot…But never Suicide

This play will deal with heartfelt, crucial issues that haunts families of many colors, religions, cultures, and economical backgrounds. A verboten word many, many, years ago that still in a sense continues to hold a community hostage from moving on. We know friends, we have family members and neighbors who felt such a sadness of this tragic event–


One could wonder in so plainly how a person could take the most precious, beautiful thing that God gave us–a life. They ignore the will to survive, live and love a family member once more as if somehow they were in full control over such actions. Laugh with a good friend and enjoy the company of kind people around a dinner table. The absents of forever in never seeing love ones again, children losing a parent to such an act. Can our own arrogance conceive such a conclusion?

This topic is very important and I trust it will stun the most temperate one in your company. The empathy of remembering an unhappy feeling is what could destroy the most faithful.

But in turn it could fortify ones faith with God, eternally.

Rosie Rogers of Two5mProductions creative and genuine spirit address this issue without hesitation and wisdom to tell reality to its core. The cast members of this production does it justice with amazing acting immersed with passion and love. That is what is needed to speak on such sincere matters. Some circles would call it horror, but even with that declaration their positive acts strives for resolutions to calm ones soul.

With a little help of course from the one who gives us such wisdom.
This poignant stage play will be showcase at the DC Black Theater Festival on Sunday June 21st at the appointed times of 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. Location 800 Florida Ave NE; Washington DC 20002.

Support and more importantly open your heart for knowledge and the progression of hope.

I value your feedback, please leave a comment

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