Excerpt from Chapter “Chapter Four: Prime time Higgins”

Shadow Within A City Written by F. Kenneth Taylor & K. G. Bethlehem

I really believe in the moments, those sickening moments when you understand what you do doesn’t matter. All the fighting, obeying orders and following rules cause even the innocent ones around you to lose faith. You keep moving, not stopping, almost not breathing.


A personal situation of a person who hated what he formed into due to their environment. Why allowing such an intoxicating atmosphere to exist is beyond consideration. You would depict oneself of having the will to be free; to think a certain way. You sometimes ponder in the late night or daydreaming during a normal lunch break of something distinguishable. Something worth believing in that could actually morph into cherishing. That moment is when you realize that is how wars begin; quiet moments that transforms to loud, pain–surrounded by darkness. Then quiet again.

The end game, your end game.

A hero isn’t a person who just saves the day from a so call menace, but the one who questions if it could be save by leaving it up to chance–minus intervening.

Who are you in all of this? What is your belief in the balance of power? Good and Evil and creation of self-governing circumstances that influences the philosophy of human discernment. If you bother to think on such queries then compare that to Detective Glenn Higgins situation which is stated below.

Or connect it to your own self rationalization.



Chapter Four Prime time Higgins

Midwest City: Channel 10 News Studio


Channel 10, the multimedia and information headquarters of Midwest City operated by unseen and unconcerned dignitaries, was the relied upon source of news for the city’s residents. Star Anchors, Trevor Thompson and Becky Plummer, were local celebrities, and reported daily at the designated times of 6am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm.
Becky Plummer began the 10pm broadcast. “Good evening Midwest City, I’m Becky Plummer, and this is Trevor Thompson, and you are now watching Channel Ten at Ten. This evening, approximately around seven-twenty-five p.m., three members of the notorious group, Gangland, were killed during a confrontation with MCPD Detective, Glenn Higgins.” she began, pausing briefly before continuing. “Though Detective Higgins was only armed with a standard department-issued Beretta, two of the gang members were reportedly killed by deep lacerations, that only a well-sharpened, bladed weapon could have produced. This was the second round of bizarre killings in less than three weeks, as six other Gangland members were brutally killed behind Chuck’s Bar and Grill approximately one week ago. I spoke with Police Chief, Terry Jones, earlier today, and here’s what he had to say about the matter…”
The broadcast jumped to a pre-recorded interview Becky Plummer conducted with the Police Chief. “Good Afternoon, Chief Jones, how are you today?”
“I’m fine Becky, thank you.”
“Chief,” she exhaled in serious tone, “I suppose you know why I’m here today. There’s been a rash of strange and maybe even mysterious killings lately, seemingly targeting the victorious and violent, criminal faction, Gangland. What are your thoughts on the matter, and does MCPD have any further information to provide? Do you think there’s a vigilante within Midwest City who’s slaying Gangland members in attempt to see justice served? Or do you believe this is the work of some deranged mass murderer?”
Chief Terry Jones, well-liked and respected by the community, but frowned upon by many officers within his police department for his sense of righteousness, grimaced a bit, and chose his words carefully before responding. “Unfortunately Becky,” he began, “MCPD can not provide any additional information at this time. To be honest, we were caught off guard by this, and simply don’t know much more than you or anyone else. I don’t believe its just some crazed lunatic; whoever is doing this, seemingly knows where Gangland is going to be at, when they’re going to be somewhere, and obviously this person knows to be well-armed, and prepared for a fight.”
“I see,” she hummed, “Are there any clues?”
“Yes, Becky, there is,” the Chief replied, “These are not physical clues, they’re more characteristic—they help us create a profile of this person. The fact that Gangland travels in numbers, and are always armed, says something about this person. One, he or she obviously has some type of hand-to-hand self-defense or combat training. The fact that the last two were killed by a bladed weapon, leads me to believe this individual most likely has some form of martial arts training—how else could they defeat these Gangland members single-handedly? Then again, maybe they’re not alone—Maybe there’s more than one person retaliating against Gangland. We just don’t have enough information at this time, however, I do have my best investigators working diligently on this case.”

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The Anchorwoman sighed for a moment. “I see, Chief. Is there anything you would like to say to the individual or individuals responsible?”
“Yes.” Chief Jones stared directly into the camera. “Quit while you’re ahead—Leave Midwest City. You’re interfering with a police investigation. If you continue your personal vendetta, you’ll be charged with multiple accounts of first degree murder.”
“Thank you Chief Jones.”
The interview clip ended and Trevor Thompson resumed the current broadcast. “Thank you for that segment, Becky, I’ll take it from here.”
“Sure, Trevor,” she said with a degree of professional dislike.


“As a further development of this case,” Thompson began, “I conducted an, exclusive interview with Detective Higgins’ just a few hours ago, and you’ll be quite interested to hear his take on things. Here’s the tape.” The screen once again jumps to a pre-recorded interview, this time between Trevor Thompson and Detective Glenn Higgins.
“Good Evening Detective Higgins.”
“Right,” Thompson quizzically sighed, moving forward with the interview. “So, Detective Higgins you single-handedly defeated the Gangland members?”
“Single-handedly?” replied a surprised Higgins. “I don’t know about that, Trevor, all I know is, by the time I had a clear shot on the last one, you know, the one with the bullet in the back of his head, the other two were already chopped up, and I don’t have a damn sword, so you tell me.”
“Yes, of course Detective,” Thompson replied, “That was my next question—Who aided you?” he queried shallowly.
Higgins, quickly becoming annoyed with the arrogant anchorman’s snug-attitude, and unconcerned method and tone of questioning, simply glared at Thompson, trying to keep his calm, while silently wishing the interview was already over, and had never begun or taken place.

“Like I said…” Higgins retorted firmly, “I didn’t see who got the other two, damn glad whoever it was came through when they did, though. You see, I was pinned behind the dumpster to your right, and after about five minutes or so, I heard two screams.”
“Then what happened Detective?”
“I peeked out, saw the last shitbag ru—.”
Thompson interrupted, waving for the cameraman to stop taping. “Cut the damn tape! Look, Higgins, Glenn, or whatever the your name is—You can’t say that on TV! Got it!? Good! Now let’s continue,” he roared, snapping his fingers at the cameraman, “. . .and three, two, and one, roll tape!”
Suddenly Higgins’ interrupted, just as the camera began rolling again. “Hold on! Who the hell do you think you’re talking to!?”
“Cuuttt!” Thompson blared again. “Look here,” he snapped at Higgins, “You glorified ruffian with a badge, you can’t cuss on television! Now, can we please continue?”
Higgins’ grimaced, biting his tongue, “Yeah, we could continue, pencil-dick, but you got one more time to snap like that. Roll, the fuckin’ tape.”
“Good,” Thompson exhaled, signaling for the cameraman to reset back to where they had left off. “So Detective,” Thompson began, re-asking his previous question, “what happened next?”
“I peeked out, and saw the last bum running, trying to make an escape—I took aim, and shot em’.”
“Detective, I need, the citizens of Midwest City need clarification as to who terminated the first two Gangland members. It’s blatantly evident that you shot the last one, that is not the matter at questioning. Detective Higgins—Who helped you?”
“Look,” Higgins’ grunted, obviously angered, “for the last time—I didn’t see who killed the first two men—Were you listening to anything I said? Don’t ask me that question again, or this interview is over, got it? Now, is there anything else?”
“My apologies, Detective, I’m just anxious, to find out who this mysterious vigilante is that has apparently, declared war on Gangland, as are the common people of Midwest City.” the slightly embarrassed and snobby Trevor Thompson reciprocated, trying to save face in the eye of the general public after stoutly being put in his place. “I just have one, last question, Detective. Is it true, your controversial remarks about police corruption, has gotten you in hot water with High Mayor Brand? Sources are working to confirm whether or not he’s seeking to have you removed from MCPD. What do you have to say about that?”
Detective Higgins’ erupted with anger, no longer concerned about maintaining his composure. “That’s fucking it!—You self-absorbed, tight-shirt, polka-dot bow tie wearing, arrogant, son-of-a-bitch!” he barked!! “Yes, there’s a lot of bullshit this entire city is covered in from the Captain of Ghost Squad to Brand himself, and to your, snobby, punk-pussy, bitch-ass! Yeah, I said it!—Everybody’s doin’ dirt, but your stupid ass, so fucking dumb, running around reporting fake-ass news, then have the fuckin’ audacity to say you doin’ it for the people of Midwest City—Gimme’ a fuckin’ break! The whole time, these corporate puppets and guinea pigs got their noses so far up NAF’s ass, they’re scuba-diving in shit!”
Suddenly, the interview abruptly ended, as the current broadcasting once again resumed with Trevor Thompson closing. “As you see ladies and gentlemen, Detective Higgins’ was unable to contain his composure, and the interview was forced to be canceled,” Thompson concluded.
Thompson’s co-anchor, Becky Plummer, sat beside him, holding her professional smile, covertly cut her eyes at him, while thinking to herself, What a jerk. “Thank you Trevor,” she said, “Wow, what an interview. I suppose Detective Higgins’ anger, was surely provoked, and with due cause. Perhaps a follow-up interview allowing Detective Higgins’ to further elaborate is in order? Perhaps. Well, that’s all for now, I’m Becky Plummer, for Channel Ten at Ten.”
Thompson ignored Plummer’s comments, that clearly defended Higgins’, and continued with the closing of the broadcast. “Remember Midwest City,” he voiced with sarcastic enthusiasm, “You saw it here, first, on Channel Ten, news for opinionated people. I’m Trevor Thompson. . .”

“Wishing all of you a goodnight,” the pair spoke in unison, signing off the air.


Shadow Within A City
Shadow Within A City

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