My Secret Garden (Friday Night Poetry Corner #74)

  Welcome everyone to another fulfillment of Friday Night Poetry Corner... This week our feature poet Deelicious Lady has grace us with powerful piece called "My Secret Garden," which screams levels of pain and joy. Life lessons anew or the coming of a season of demise... A little one? I am not doing this poem … Continue reading My Secret Garden (Friday Night Poetry Corner #74)

You made me feel real (Friday Night Poetry Corner #73)


Welcome everyone to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Last week I took a break but now back on regular schedule. This week a fantastic poet “samsara895” feature joint called “You Made Me Feel Real.” Creative, passionate poem that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Cardboard Poetry

You made me

feel real

and with your

skin pressed


against mine,

there was no


I knew I was

there. And as

I run my hands

along my own

flesh, I’m left

wondering why

it doesn’t feel

the same.

Left wondering

if it is you

that makes

me feel real,

or me that

makes me feel


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