SOME’N UNIQUE MAGAZINE–Coming very, very soon..


Look out in the next coming month of New Age Writing that will feed you intelligence instead of insulting it (aka MSM) called—


SOME’N UNIQUE MAGAZINE–Home of creative writing and journalism that will deal with topics ranging from social/political, finance, history, local history, arts, entertainment, philosophy of the new age, etc.. (I think you get the drift 🙂


Meet the S.U.M writers!

(Top to Bottom) Florencia “Flo-Free-Mac” Freeman ~ K.G. Bethlehem ~ Antwan Floyd Sr. ~ Mahoganey Boss.

'S.U.M Writer ~ Florencia "Flo-Free-Mac" Freeman'
'S.U.M writer & co-founder ~ K.G. Bethlehem (Kevin G. Daniel)'
'S.U.M writer & graphic artist ~ Antwan Floyd Sr.'
'S.U.M writer ~ Magohaney Boss'


Tanya Daniel (Head Editor)

Tanya R. Daniel

F. Kenneth Taylor (Founder, editor, & writer)



(wordpress site is still under construction)


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