A measure of a man in growth & conscience…


Here is a video of a good friend, well a brother from another mother F. Kenneth Taylor as he is giving back to his community as a man should do. He is a man who rose up with hard work and dedication on improving his craft of being a writer. The authored over 4 books along with doing artwork on the ShadowKill comic issue. He wrote over 50 articles which some were displayed on yahoo.com. He is in the process of creating an online magazine that will talk about alternative news and opinions that somehow gets “left out” of mainstream reporting.

Getting back to the topic at hand, him giving back is an old expression we heard going up in our community as young black men. Always give a helping hand to the ones who need it. He especially care for the education of children and understanding of progressing innocent minds to grow in self-confidence. He cares deeply for the youth as well as helping shape their creativity to sustain imagination and enhance their love for learning. F. Kenneth Taylor is authentic in his responsibly to the youth and for that I salute him. Right on souljah!


So please enjoy this video; it took place at Gateway Middle in St. Louis, MO but it is a wonderful example of time and knowledge knows no boundaries…

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